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Smartphone Price Reviews 2017

Comparison of Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Enter a line of photography, we could talk about how strong the camera by Apple iPhone 7. As you mentioned in the first part of the last line, photography is one of the side which made it so popular by Sony. The same goes for the Xperia series over another, this Apple iPhone 7 also carry components of photography is best in its class. This opportunity provides that Apple iPhone 7 with the most important of the camera has a size of 21. 5 MP.

More important than the camera embedded in the back has already equipped with LED Flash and Autofocus and .5 size sensor. 4. "In this most important section of the camera, also pinned some of the pictures featured sports like geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR and views. Armed with a camera has a size so large, you can skip the fella shooting the photos like a professional photographer. For complete specifications of the Apple iPhone 7 in photography.

Sony also put the secondary camera has a large size in its class that is 16 MP which certainly would be so good as well as qualified to photograph selfie and video call call. For VCR, integrated camera in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in fact had been able to make a video with a resolution of 1080 pixels. HP premium certainly also need full connectivity even as optimal. Like other premium class smartphone, Apple iPhone 7 Plus specific connectivity Ultra also brings the technological advantages of the wearer's satisfaction.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and A8 Plus 2018

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and A8 Plus 2018 - To increase the storage space of this smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 external memory slot provide up to 256 GB capability. In addition, there are also the Android operating system nougat 7. 0 decorated Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 interface 6. 0 UI. Then for the battery, the smartphone is equipped with a capacity of 3 300 mAh battery, which can be charged very quickly because of the support of Fast Charging technology (Quick Charge 3. 0) won. Then there is also a feature fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of this flagship smartphone.

It is really very complete, so natural that the price of Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 in bandrol is so expensive. Although the price of Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 in bandrol cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S8, the reality is still categorized as a smartphone flagship smartphone. Commensurate with its price we have Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band, Bluetooth v4. 2, NFC, GPS (A-GPS, Glonass, Beidou) as well as a USB port v3. 1 with the USB Type C connector.

Price Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 cheaper makes it not so good security system equipped Samsung Galaxy S8. The reason is not yet equipped smartphone function disk scanner and facial recognition. Fortunately, Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 has the power waterproof and dust because sunk IP68 certificate. In addition, it is also the monitor with an aspect ratio of 18 is a great size: 9. Tehnologi Monitor full-screen smartphones and extended range of 5. 7 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels and 564 ppi density range.

Update Price Of Apple iPhone X Full Specs

Although second-line carries two cameras bring resolution demanding and yet most other premium PS, but also high enough resolution to be able to produce photographic quality. On the back of most of the large embedded 12 MP camera with an aperture of f / 1. 7. The camera of the Harga iPhone X has been struck by most features like OIS, phase detection autofocus and LED flash to shoot images he has accompanied Clearer and real.

Update Harga Hp Android New Versi

As I said above, this variant has a larger display with a diagonal 5.5 inch LED backlighting with IPS capacitive touchscreen LCD technology. Who owns the resolution of this monitor is 1080 x 1920 pixels with a reach density ~ 401 ppi pixel density. With the high resolution monitor screen is very clear and crisp especially supported by the width of the monitor by the user would be so spoiled during video playback and view the images. This tool can be supported with multitouch is also coated with a Shatter protection glass monitor, oleophobic coating that would prevent a large screen from this iPhone scratches or abrasions due to conflicts.

Harga Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

IPhone 6 Plus design can be quite stylish with metal material that wraps around the body. In terms of - the sides have a curved design with a thickness of 7. 1 millimeter. Including tipisbodi enough of everything 6 iPhone iPhone project that was never there first. This kind of thing has an influence on the placement of the key switch and power are getting located at the upper end so that next to the body of the device.

Harga Oppo A77

Little whole body The life of this iPhone is 158. 77. 1 mm x 8 mm, with a weight of 172 grams arrive. IPhone 6 Plus can be equipped with fingerprint feature sensor (Touch ID) as pemidah fingerprints that can be used for the security of these devices.

Harga Nokia 4

Update Price Of Smartphone Oppo F1s Raisa Blac Edition

Update Price Of Smartphone Oppo F1s Raisa Blac Edition - Commensurate with its expensive price tag, the iPhone 6s Plus in a more vibrant design, sturdy and strong because aluminum has menggukan mateial series pelu 7000. So no longer fear going crooked hp when using this one as when using an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Cutting-edge technology as the world's first monitor is also fixed to the Apple gadget as this one, where the technology was named Touch memuangkinkan 3D monitor each user connected more easily in one application.

More Harga Oppo F1s Raisa Black

Want to know detailed specifications let's look smart phones iPhone 6s Plus Below. Additions were most felt in the field of design terntu only more powerful and sturdy, because wearing a 7000 series aluminum dibut size with a length of 158. 2 mm, a width of 77. 9 mm thin with 7. 3 mm make it not thinner than the iPhone series 6 plus, which size it also makes it weighs up to 192 g. Interestingly, Apple's opportunity to design this phone in her colors Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold to look more beautiful and charming.

More Harga Sony Xperia X Ultra

As well as this kind of thing is certain that make the iPhone 6s Plus price is quite expensive from the series seblumnya. Then wear the monitor has a size 5. 5-inch Full HD resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels would make it all the appearance of the image will appear brighter and clearer. Plus Apple also uses LED-backlit monitor panel IPS LCD with a density of 401 ppi pixels coated by a protective form of on-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating.

More Harga Axioo M5 Plus

Complete Specs Lenovo A6600 Plus Smartphone

Complete Specs Lenovo A6600 Plus Smartphone - Having previously discussed about the specs and price Lenovo A7700, this time we will be talking about a smartphone named "Lenovo A6600 Plus". This smartphone is the highest variant of out A6600 previously marketed with 1 GB of Ram and 16 GB internal memory. While the smartphone has a larger ram, so multitaskingnya better performance and is able to optimize the performance of gamingnya.
The kitchen was still relying on MediaTek MT6735P chipset combined with Quad Core processor 1.0 Ghz Cortex-A53. In addition, there is also the Android operating system that keeps the Marshmallows to keep stable performance when multitasking a lot of apps. Unfortunately this smartphone has some shortcomings, and for those of you who are curious to find out shortcomings Lenovo A6600 Plus, please refer to the information on the specifications and price Lenovo A6600 Plus we auto summary article on ponselsamsung.com here.
Lenovo A6600 Plus being one of the cheapest smartphone sold by Lenovo bring 4 g LTE technology and VoLTE. This smartphone is marketed at a price of 1.5 millions, so the price is cheaper than the Lenovo A7700 we pass on before. Distinguishing between A6600 Plus and its screen size is A7700, because this smartphone has a smaller screen size with 5 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels HD. In addition, the screen also adopted panel IPS (In-Plane Switching) with a depth of 16 million colors.

Complete Review Android Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5s

Complete Review Android Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5s - Harga Xiaomi Mi 5s series smart phone is something Samsung to be the answer to the invasion of other vendors in the segment starter device. Yes, in many recent time, Samsung proved fairly strong insistence obtained from Chinese vendors who continue to aggressively target the market share of the lower middle class. For that presented the expected Samsung Galaxy On7 could be an option for users who want the gadget mobile units valued at an affordable price tag.

Despite having a variety of minus record in a number of sectors, but with a hefty price On7 Galaxy friendly, these factors certainly would not be a significant problem. Supported by Samsung branding is very strong, this device is able to maintain desirable Samsung competition in the entry-level class. Well, for you who have been warned to pay the price of Samsung Galaxy On7 this, wait until the official release in November.

Some Features Smartphone Xiaomi Mix Evo

Some Features Smartphone Xiaomi Mix Evo - In terms of competition, there is not much on the horizon apart from Asus Zenfone 5 which has received Rs 9,999 price reduction for the 8GB variant - which is still higher than the cost redmi Note. Moto G (second gene) is also a good phone, but the higher price of Rs 4000. Overall, the value offered by Xiaomi redmi Note unmatched at this time. So if you want a phablet without breaking the bank, try your luck at the next Harga Xiaomi Mix Evo sold flash on Flipkart for redmi Notes.

If you write attention to global device market developments, may friend will find little new trends, especially regarding Samsung. If we look closely, the giant technology company from South Korea that even more is not uncommon to play in the entry-level segment after they released two flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This factor continues to prove with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy On7 which is a clever device occupants of the beginner class alias low-end.

Information Specifications and Price Samsung A5 2017

Information Specifications and Price Samsung A5 2017 - They OnePlus One was launched back in April, but thanks to the invite-only method to sell, they can not boast millions in sales yet. Latest calculations put it at more than 500,000 and aims to cross the million mark by the end of the year. Perhaps that is another indicator of the launch in December here? Who knows. Invite-only method has been discontinued in favor of pre-order with more familiar - They had sales of flash to it.

In an era when the phone manufacturer wants to sell as many handsets as possible, this invite-only method certainly unconventional, but it causes a lot of word-of-mouth publicity. Obviously, only the method of sale is not the only reason behind the buzz. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 comes with a top end specifications at a price point that is affordable and comes with Cyanogen Mod ROM Android. A pre-rooted phones with superior specs and an affordable price point - Android Geeks every fantasy. So let's see if OnePlus One gives the buzz 'Flagship Killer' or just another phablet.

Review Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Review Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime - In front of the camera, it comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. It runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS with 11 Cyanogen ROM. We will talk more about the next ROM, but to put it simply, Cyanogen OS allows you to customize the phone to your liking. Hp Yureka simple bundle with power adapter, data cable, batteries and earphones. USP of Yu Yureka is CyanogenMod 11 ROM on Android 4.4 platform. Thanks to Harga Samsung J7 Prime this, the phone offers several ways to customize your phone.

Micromax has included some specialized applications on mobile phones such as AudioFX which lets you adjust audio output, allowing you to record your screencast on the navigation screen with footage register where you touch the screen as well and so on. This Yureka YUniverse own browser which is basically a customized version of the Opera browser. In terms of user experience, there is not much different from OS CM11 on OnePlus One, besides other themes.

Informasi Harga Hp Terbaru

Informasi Harga Smartphone Terbaru - Jadi, apa jenis tertentu Oppo R3 lebih. Secara fisik, desain Oppo R3 tidak jauh berbeda dari Oppo R1. Bedanya, ponsel ini memiliki ketebalan lebih tipis, bahkan Oppo R3 dinobatkan ponsel LTE tipis saat ini hanya 6,3 mm. Oppo R3 menggunakan resolusi layar 5 inci 1280 × 720 piksel. Layar telah mengadopsi IPS (In Plane Switching0 dan OGS (One Kaca Solution), yang merupakan bagian dari gambar yang sangat jelas. Di jeroannya, spesifikasi Oppo R3 sangat Gahar mencelupkan prosesor Quad Core ARM Cortex A7, yang memiliki kecepatan hingga 1 6 GHz.

Menambah performa maksimal, Oppo R3 dilengkapi dengan 1 GB RAM dan prosesor terbaru Adreno 305 graphics, ponsel terbaru yang berjalan warna OS pada bulan Juni berdasarkan Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. sebagai produser selalu mengandalkan kamera sebagai senjata utama, Oppo R3 menggunakan kamera 8 MP f / 2.0 sebagai kamera utama. jika depan built-in 5 MP, gambar Oppo R3 tidak dapat diragukan, ada juga lampu kilat LED dan fokus otomatis fitur. ribuan foto tembakan untuk menyelamatkan, Oppo R3 dilengkapi dengan memori internal sebesar 8 GB ditambah slot micro SD, yang dapat dimaksimalkan untuk 32 GB.

Selengkapnya Harga Hp Terbaru

Harga Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

Harga Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace - Seusai kemarin kami telah mengulas seri Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace dan juga Samsung Galaxy Active Neo, pada perjumpaan hari ini kami bakal mengulas satu lagi produk terakhir dari raksasa teknologi Samsung. Bosan dengan perangkat keluaran Samsung? Anda harap sobat semuanya tidak bakal bosan dengan perangkat terakhir dari Samsung sebab saat ini mereka terbukti sedang gencar memberondong pasar gadget dunia dengan produk terakhirnya. Hari ini pembahasan kami bakal tertuju pada Samsung Galaxy J3 yang adalah seri terakhir dari keluarga Samsung Galaxy J series.



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